Luke’s Birthday

by Rebecca on October 3, 2010

My baby is one.  He has been for one month now, but maybe it’s taken me this long to accept it.  Now that I’m no longer in denial, I’ll post some pictures of the occasion.  
The traditional balloons were a hit.  Luke spent most of the day like this:

 and this:
 and this:
 (you get the idea…)

Brown eyes are somewhat of a novelty in this house.  Aren’t his gorgeous?! 
 He was pretty excited about his food all day.  Yummy eggs for breakfast.
 Luke LOVES taking baths.  Thank goodness, since he usually gets 3 a day.  In case you can’t tell from the pictures, he insists on being quite an independent eater, and bathing is somewhat of a necessity after every meal.

 Dad joined us for lunch…we had a lovely picnic lunch up in the mountains with a whole bunch of other homeschooling families.  We meant to go last year as well (it’s an annual event), but Luke was busy being born then.  :)
 (If a bath isn’t readily available after eating, removing all Luke’s clothing is our next best option.)
 Dinner time!  Homemade Cafe Rio salad.  Luke requested it, of course.

 Don’t you love it when you unintentionally wear matching clothes with your spouse?  Andrew and I used to have a couple of identical tshirts that somehow we’d always end up wearing on the same day.  Now we just go for the same color.
I like to fool myself on my children’s first birthdays and pretend that I am making them a healthy cake.  So nevermind that there is about 20 cups of sugar and 10 pounds of butter and cream cheese in this carrot cake, because there are carrots in it too, so it counts as a healthy introduction into the world of sweets…right?  I managed to ignore all the unhealthy ingredients I was adding as I made the cake, but once I tasted it, I couldn’t lie to myself any longer.  It was just way too addicting to pretend it was healthy anymore.  I’ll have to post the recipe sometime.  Seriously amazing. 
 Luke seemed a little nervous & overwhelmed when we put the cake in front of him.  He even started to cry.  But once he got a taste, all was right in his world again.
 I kind of think I have about the most adorable baby there is.  I just can’t get enough of this little guy.  We kept the presents simple and few…he didn’t need much and I am in the middle of transforming into a wanna be minimalist, but I couldn’t resist this little Star Wars tshirt since that was what made the kids fall in love with Luke’s name.
Luke, you light up our lives with your smile and your laugh and your little open mouthed kisses.  I love how you get shy and embarrassed sometimes and snuggle your head into me.  I love how you reach out to your brothers and sister to hold you and so patiently put up with being dragged and thrown around.  I love how much you love animals, especially the chickens, and always want to play with them.  I love how you start laughing anytime anyone else is laughing nearby.  You just look around and know there must be a good joke, and always join in.  I adore it when you show us the new signs you are learning with your chubby little hands.  It always makes us laugh when you start shaking your little body and dancing every time you hear any music.  And even when you keep me up at night, I count my blessings to be sitting there snuggling such a precious boy as you that I can call mine.  I love you Luke!! 


Liz October 3, 2010 at 9:32 pm

I can't believe he is already one! Our kids don't get to see each other often enough – I don't think they have even met him yet! Looks like he had a great birthday and loved that cake! Wish we could have been there too!

Laura October 4, 2010 at 4:47 pm

He IS so cute!! I can't believe your 4TH is 1!!!! Time goes by so so fast! I love the T shirt! (And I like your outfit as well!) And if you keep thinking carrot cake is healthy then I will keep the idea that zuccini bread is also healthy, especially with all that cream cheese frosting…mmm i'm definitely getting hungry!

Esther Noelle October 5, 2010 at 11:05 pm

He's so big! Can't believe I missed his birthday party. :( I hope he'll forgive me! I sure love that kid!

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