Meet our Chickens:

by Rebecca on June 25, 2010

(Here you go Liz…)

See our chicks:

See our chicks eat:

See our chicks get named Glint, Sunshine,
Snow White, Molly, Alice, and Belle:

See our chicks learn to roost:

See our chicks play outside:

See our chicks sleep:

See our chicks attempt escape:

See our chicks grow:

See our chicks move to the garage in their fancy two room brooder:

See our chicks segregate (and squish…they did have two roosting sticks at their disposal!):

See the beginnings of our chicken coop:

See our (almost completed) stylin’ coop:

See our fence being dismantled to allow our chicken coop through:

See the men who made it all happen:

See how sturdy this thing is:

See how happy these wives are to have their husbands back after hours and hours and hours of late night building:

See how happy I am to have my coop in place:

See the fence getting put back together:

See how happy the chickens make Luke:

See how happy it makes our free-range chickens to be out pecking around in our backyard:

The End.

some footnotes for those who care:

“What the heck, you got chickens?!”  Yes, I know.  Most things I do seem a little crazy to me too.  I kind of became obsessed after our visit with Hunts; spent about a month reading every single thing I could about raising chickens, and then we just decided to go for it.

“Why?”  Well, the attempt to become just a little bit more self-sustainable was a big part of it.  The cost of keeping chickens will pretty much equal the cost of buying eggs for our family.  Plus, they eat all our table scraps, eat the bugs in our yard, fertilize our yard, not to mention give us delicious eggs (just a couple more months!!).  Also, the kids have been begging for a pet for many years, and for some odd reason, I could finally agree to a pet that was giving me something in return, and that stayed outside!  We also eat a lot of eggs.  And after watching Food Inc. and tasting what fresh eggs taste like, I don’t have much interest in store bought eggs anymore.  They recently passed some legislation in our area to make it easier for city dwellers to have backyard chickens.  There are even a couple of other families in our neighborhood who have some.  Plus, Andrew and I decided that ‘We just weren’t weird enough!’. (I know some of you may disagree!)

“What kind do you have?”  The yellow ones are Buff Orpingtons, the black with white wing tip (chicks)/black & white chickens are Barred Rocks, and the all black ones are Australorps.

“Don’t you need a rooster?” and other egg questions:  Chickens naturally lay about 1 egg every day or two.  A rooster is needed if you want a fertilized egg, and only fertilized eggs can grow into chicks, but a rooster is not needed for a chicken to lay an egg.  The chickens will start laying eggs at around 5 months, which means early fall for us.


Karin June 25, 2010 at 8:35 am

Ok, Becca- this is sooo funny to me b/c over the past 2 months or so, I have been talking about doing the SAME thing! I have a friend (penny&todd on my sidebar) who recently did the whole chicken thing, and I think it's a great idea! But, unlike you, I have not been motivated enough to learn all about them and find out how legal they are in my neighborhood. Plus, (as with any potential pet) what do we do when we go out of town? Guess if you have neighbors with chickens, that helps to swap(?) We'll see… I don't have the excuse of 4 kids and a baby- you're in the same boat!
But I LOVE that you are so motivated, and I am SURE your kids are in heaven! (Has the dog-begging stopped?!)

Marci June 25, 2010 at 9:07 am

So I made a list of my top fifty goals with a friend of mine the other day and one of them was to be raising my own chickens in the next 10 years. My friend looked at me funny, Rob said I was crazy, and my mother-in-law said she grew up on a chicken farm and they were stinky, dirty little critters. Then Andrew told Rob that he was building you a chicken coop and I knew everyone's comments were ridiculous because you're as cool as they come and you are raising chickens. Ha!

BTW your family pictures are amazing! You all look like angels. OH, and congrats to Andrew on being in the top 100 entrepenuers.

Katie Aldrich June 25, 2010 at 10:06 am

So happy for you guys! We love our chickens and are so glad we have them. I too have lost the taste for regular eggs, and even though I never was a morning egg eater before, I am now and I love it! And I agree that they're wonderful pets- I love watching them peck around our yard. And Food Inc.- loved it too. It's sad we can't live closer! Good luck with the "girls" and enjoy:).

And for Karin- Our neighbors love to watch the chickens when we go out of town because they get free eggs!

Christina June 25, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Love the chicken coop.

You guys aren't weird at all – you've got to be some of the coolest people around!

Now you just need to come visit and see the cow and drink the milk and eat the cheese – and you'll be wanting another pet!

Rebecca June 26, 2010 at 11:36 am

Karin, Just go for it. I was pretty nervous to actually bring them home, but it's really gone much more smoothly than I expected! I was nervous about our neighbors too, but they've really been quite supportive, and that's before even getting any eggs from us! Plus, seriously, chickens are WAY less noisy than all our neighbors dogs!

Marci, move out here w/ us and we can have chickens together! You're so sweet, thanks. Angels…that's not how I felt during the photo shoot, but they turned out alright! :)

Katie, that's awesome you guys have chickens too1 It would be fun to live closer!!

Love you Christina! There's no way we're getting a cow in this yard, but we're seriously considering it once we have more space. Look at all the crazy stuff you get us into! No, YOU guys are the coolest! :)

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